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The term 'podcasting' is bandied about very often these days because it denotes a new way in which radio shows reach their audience.

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Podcast software

When you plan on creating podcasts, there are four basic types of podcast software you are going to need which are: an audio recorder, mp3 encoder, media player, and a file transfer software. There are a couple different options you can download for each type of podcast software depending on your PC and depending on the quality you want. But, to create any great podcast you are going to need each of these pieces to ensure quality audio, and to ensure your listening audiences are able to hear a top notch recroding.

Audio Recorder

This is the podcast software which is going to help you record and edit the podcast before you post it (Audacity is a very popular choice to download). The software is extremely easy to download, can be used on a PC or a Mac, and it is simple to use once you have uploaded the podcast and need to do any editing work. You can download Audacity (or a different software audio recorder) from a number of online sites. And, if you are not too tech savvy, there are several tutorials which will give you a step by step on how to use the software.

Mp3 Encoder

The next piece of podcast software you are going to need when creating a podcast is the mp3 encoder. Once the podcast is created, this software application will allow you to turn it in to an mp3 format, so that it can be heard on a number of mediums. By converting to mp3, the file size is smaller, and allows listeners to hear the recording on many devices, not only their PC. You can either use LAME or you can use your iTunes account as an encoder. Either way, there is a step by step tutorial with each, teaching you how to encode the files.

Media Player

Here you can either use iTunes, or Windows Media Player; whichever one you do choose to use, you should make sure you have the latest file version installed, to get the greatest quality. You will listen to the recording here, to make sure it sounds great, prior to posting it out for your listeners to hear.

File Transfer

The final piece of podcast software you are going to need to create your podcast is the file transfer software. Once it is recorded, encoded, and saved, you need to upload it to the internet if you expect to get any listeners. One of the best transfer programs to use is SmartFTP; plus, if used for educational, personal, or non profit use it is free (for commercial use you have to pay a fee). Either way, this will upload the podcast online, so that you can get listeners.

Creating a podcast is quite simple; but, without the proper podcast software you are not going to get the kinks worked out of the initial recording, and you are not going to be able to upload it to the internet, so that you can actually have the podcast heard. So, downloading these 4 podcast software files will help you get the file to the best listening quality, and get it posted online in no time at all.

Then you can create podcasts for fun or for business, like Internet marketing podcasts.

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