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The term 'podcasting' is bandied about very often these days because it denotes a new way in which radio shows reach their audience.

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The development of internet based technology as well as a variety of hardware devices to use them has changed the way in which people access entertainment and information. As a matter of fact, the internet has changed the way in which we communicate with other people all over the world. It is now possible to take a very active role in communicating with others since it very easy to pick and choose the shows one wants to listen to or watch. It is also possible for regular people to broadcast their views very easily.

Podcasting is a relatively new term that has been created out of two different words; 'pod' is from Apple's iPod and the rest of the term is from broadcasting. Indeed, the iPod has been hugely successful in the market, and many of its users subscribe to podcasts. In fact, the iPod, iPad and even iPhone devices are very often used to access podcasts but it is not really necessary to use these devices to listen to them. All you need is a regular computer that has the software to play media files and you will be able to get the information you need.

There is a lot of confusion amongst people concerning what a podcast actually is. In actuality, it is nothing different from a webcast. It is non-streaming and is easily available for download. In other words, it is a radio show that has been broadcast over the internet in order to reach as wide as audience as possible. Broadcasters everywhere are beginning to understand its importance and also that they are missing out on potential listeners by not having their shows available in this easily accessible form.

Just like a regular broadcast of a radio program, a podcast can come in many episodes. They have many subscribers if they are broadcast on a regular basis and also if they have content that other people find interesting. The biggest advantage of them is that a listener can easily capture it with the intention of listening to it at a later date without any trouble. The other benefit they offer is that they are generally free of cost.

A subscriber needs to make use of a special client application software called a podcatcher that accesses the webfeed from a distributor's server in order to download any new files. These files are then downloaded automatically and stored in the particular device that the user employs to listen to or view each program.

There is a huge range of programs available as podcasts and they can range from music shows to tutorials. Since any person can start podcasting with the help of a video camera, microphone, computer and an internet connection, there is a huge variety of shows available to be seen. People can pick and choose their shows with a great deal of ease.

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