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The term 'podcasting' is bandied about very often these days because it denotes a new way in which radio shows reach their audience.

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Sex and the City -The Reality of the City Life

'Sex and the City' is a popular comedy-drama series, which was broadcast as a television show. Darren Star is the creator of the show and it was produced by HBO, (Home Box Office). The show was broadcast for six long years, 1998 to 2004 and during these six years run, it received mixed reaction from the audience. The majority of the viewers liked the funny yet interesting episodes of Sex and the City. They opined that the show has described the city life, its practices, and issues like hardship in women's life in an otherwise comic way.

Some viewers however have opposed this saying some of the scenes needed to be altered as these created negative impact on girls and other young women. The interesting fact is that intellectuals like writers, directors, producers contributed a lot to help the producers continue with the show and Michael King is one of them who had patronized it. All 94 episodes of the series covered different social issues like safe sex, STD or sexually transmitted disease, sexuality, femininity, promiscuity and also explored the difference between romantic relationships and friendship.

The Sex and the City Story

The story of the show 'Sex and the City' is based on four women, among which the three are in their 30's and the other one is in her 40's. They are working women of New York City who often visit clubs, pubs and have interest in sexual pleasure. However, in spite of having all the excitements, they feel lonely as they think all these actually lead to emptiness.

The show essentially reveals the truth that is hidden behind a glamorous city life. These four women finally get engaged in ever-changing sex life and in spite of being good friends they hide this fact from one another. At the end, these women, who are otherwise good friends meet in Manhattan accidentally and their hidden stories are revealed.

The story was written by Candace Bushnell and it was so popular that later it was selected as plots of two films- 'Sex and the City: The Movie', and 'Sex and the City 2'.

The Sex and the City Episodes

The series of the comedy show covered a total of 6 seasons. The first season was divided into twelve episodes and the 2nd, 3rd and 4th one were divided into 18 episodes each. The fifth season was the smallest one as it had only 5 episodes. The final season on the other hand was the longest one, which consisted of twenty episodes. That is why the producers split it into two parts and included ten episodes in each part. Totally, the series covered 94 episodes.

About The Sex and the City Movie

'Sex and the City: The Movie' was shot in several locations of New York during September-December, 2007. Several Manhattan spots were selected as locations because these matched perfectly with the storyline of the movie. However, a few parts have been shot at the Silver cup studio, and in the Steiner studio. While shooting at public places, casts and crews have been interrupted continuously by onlookers. Producers thus needed to put a lot of effort to keep the story and the plots secret.

The authorities however tried a different strategy to maintain secrecy. They termed the scenes, shot in the presence of the extras and in public as 'dream sequences'. Ryan Healy was assigned the duty to find a suitable term for these sequences.

Things to Learn From Sex and the City

Even being a controversial TV show, 'Sex and the City' was quite popular because of its storyline. Sometimes it happens that to depict the truth, we have to represent it harshly and that is what the author had tried with this show. That is the reason a few critics commented positively about the show and suggested that women can learn many things from it. Let' see what we learn here.

Friendship and Love Relationship are Different: Many men would like to be your friends, but a woman has to be careful to select one who is interested in serious relationship. Otherwise, if we trust all of them blindly and engage in sexual relationship, it can be dangerous. Loneliness is there, but women have to find out safe options to overcome loneliness and to reduce fatigue.

Money is Not The Matter Always: It is not a good idea for a woman to choose a friend who is rich and to reject one who is poor. Ultimately, it is love and care what we all demand. Remember, when one is ready to spend, he will obviously demand something in return. However, if the person ultimately denies a life long relationship, we have no option left than repenting and by that time, we already lose more than what we gain.

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